Cernunnos Camp: Word and Prayer

Word and Prayer

Draeyk van der Horn 2012

With the light of the moon runs the white hind! to Himself i am true, known. To my clan, my tribe and the spirits... to my ancestors that i am. I am strength, passion, and i stand in the wild woods, in the lands i travel, with bison, bear, skunk and coyote. with raven... and hail Him, the blessings and richness of my life, Cernunnos!

He rode from the forest and He rode
To my heart
With the wind in His horns and the
Roar of the storm

Skin tight to the bone and blood on
His brow
He tore through the land with the
Wind in his tow

For He is the lord of the un-tamed land
And his is the path I choose as my own

With Him do I dwell in powerful embrace
To Him do I give all that’s my own

For he is the giver and taker of gifts
And he is the fighter who lives deep inside

Together we stand hoof as to horn
To Him do I give all that’s my own.

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