Cernunnos Camp: The Hunter and the Hunted

The Hunter and the Hunted

This page is here to highlight some of the very many journeys and paths taken by followers of Cernunnos. Take this time to hear the call, to listen to the beat of the wild and the authentic shares below. Hail Cernunnos!!

“I had a very powerful experience with the Green Man about 20 yrs ago and that set me on my path. Not sure when I came to know of the Antlered One, but I've come to see Him as a Triune deity--Cernunnos the Father, Oak and Holly Kings as the twin Sons (solar aspects) and Green Man as Holy Spirit (Father's will in manifestation). Seeing Deity in this way has given me a very positive and empowering male concept to the universe, and therefore a key to my role as a man in it.” Harper Kirk

“my relationship with Cernunnos started about five years ago or so. Being wiccan for almost twelve years i honored and prayed to the horned god but other than that i didnt have much of a relationship with him. Then i began studying celtic beliefs. I learned about Cernunnos and started saying small prayers to him as i would walk in the woods and slowly over time my relationship with him has grow. I now see him as my god, lover, and friend.” Christopher Jason Lowe
“I've recently started the Bardic grade of the OBOD course. This has inspired me to connect with Cernunnos. For me he represents the wild, natural, instinctual, animal aspect of the masculine side of the self which I wish to have a better relation with.” Robert Ferris
“I am a recent follower of the Horned God. A little less than a year ago I started the Bardic Grade with OBOD which rekindled my interest in folklore and mythology. I stumbled upon the Horned God during meditation. I had a two very vivid encounters during meditation that I will restate here for conversation's sake (these are excerpts from a journal-style blog piece I wrote on meditation, the full piece can be found at )” Jeff Martin
“my journey started when i was 13 yrs old i grew up in your none normal family some would say .my family roots are druidism in which i follow i was how ever not called by the goddess in stead i was called by cernunnos. and have followed him in my day to day life every year i perform a Self-Dedication Rite to him since i am a Solitary Druid.”  Sean Johnson
“I believe the stag is my totem. I identify with it, with its grace and beauty and power and majesty. Therefore, It seemed natural to identify with Cernunnos with his majestic stag's antlers. I have several stag skulls displayed in my home, as well as an altar to Cernunnos. I identify with his connection to nature, to forests particularly, and to all the animals of the forest, and to his power as a fertility god. Because I am an artist, I am drawn visually to images such as Cernunnos. I feel very close to him.” John Steczynski
“My spiritual identity is Radical Faerie. I see the sky as the feminine womb and the earth as a male body. For me Cernunnos is the most fitting incarnation of that belief. I slso feel like I have been visited by him. In a bit of synchronicity...I read Tarot cards and my personal card has always been the Magician. In the Robin Wood deck that I read he is represented by bearded man wearing a dear skin with the antlers on his head.” Bruce Dandy Tidwell
“I'm a pagan and following a druid path. I'm incredibly drawn to the raw power of nature, and to the Horned God. Throughout my life, I've had some powerful experiences of him” Andy Jaeger
"I can feel Cernunnos and He is Proud that I took up my once name Cernu Wolf Raven. I am Cernunnos' Own Prietess/Friend-Bride..."you will always be my own" he said. I am his yet I have to honor place to find his energy in someone else and that of Nadayah's combined...My heart is so happy...I'm crying joyfully." Alison Brody
“when I started my spiritual journey (shamanic, dreaming work) I encountered an entity I later understood to be the Horned God. While his is not a steady presence in my life, he keeps appearing at certain points to either unexpectedly protect or support me, which is very humbling, or to express his view or demand something, not of me in particular, but of humankind in general, often related to letting the wild things become wild again. For instance, when I did healing and psychopompings for rescued chickens of a friend of mine for a while, He expressed his anger how the way humans overbreed these creatures was a disgrace, how they needed to be wild and free. Otherwise, stag is a protective guide of mine, the guardian parent figure. So he is part of my daily life, and also a way the horned God's presence is there. And in the spiritual realm I seem to be ram warrior, which is also a horned entity, but a different energy than stag.” Robin
“I am currently "The Stag King" at Wolf Creek Sanctuary in Wolf Creek Oregon USA. I was a virgin sacrifice for Samhain last October and therefore still hold within myself the spirit stag, until I surrender the crown this October. Folks have pointed me in the direction of Cernunnos and I've been somewhat compelled to become more informed of this deity.” Long Wolf
“Cernunnos has appeared more primitive in my workings within the Craft. His energy is of a Original Male force. Dark and light at times but more involved in the earth plane. I always feel the snakes and creepy crawlies of the earth surrounding him. As a Ganymede incarnate, I don't work with the Celtic pantheon a lot. However, being part Irish/Scottish, the energy is ever present. When I tune into it, Cernunnos is Earth and Fire.. THe medicine man at the primitive hut. the one to knwo secrets and powers within the life force. Herne, however beckons me to go hunting liek that of the WIld Hunt of Norse mythos. In Herne I find that meat eating killing machine. There is always a wolf and doe image for Herne. But that is my experience” Marty Huelsmann Jr
“My experience with Kernunnos begins with its appearance in the form of deer, during a cold winter in Piedmont. A mystical appearance (anticipated by regular sightings of deer in the woods), filled with a golden light. Then he disappeared in the dark of the night. Since that day i had several "contacts" and strange coincidences that led me to clarify my point of view of Kernunnos and i started to make it my personal cult. I live in the country side of northern italy and the wild nature and the animals (wild and not) are all around me. This helps me a lot to grow in this way (that I would describe as a celtic shamanic way). We could talk for a long time... it's so fun when i talk to people about Kernunnos, but usually they love it immediately.” Piercarlo Makonnen Bormida
“I'm a country boy. I live in the woods. There are 300 acres of wild woods behind my home. I do not allow hunting on it. There is a huge buck out there that I see often. Sometimes I can feel him as I'm hiking through the back country. When I see him I'm filled with that "wildness". Last week I went running through the night. Naked, barefeet. Running as fast as I could. The deer were in one of the fields. They ran with me. Virile. Potent. Strength. Power.” how to harness that to be used when necessary or when I need to.” Jason Williams
“Cernunnos appears to me in more of a spiritual form. He has shown me how to tap into my 'wildness' side and how to harness that to be used when necessary or when I need to.” Terry Vanderslice
“I first experienced Cernunnos in a light dream state. I saw his black eyes peering at me, into my soul It was an awesome experience. Often, I seem him manifested in physical form. Just a couple of weeks ago, I literally saw him walking down the middle of a busy street, nervous because of the cars around him. Luckily, everyone was cautious of him, and he got off the road and ran into a field. Otherwise, I experience hm in spiritual form, mostly during rituals.” Rik Garner

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