Cernunnos Camp: Camp stories

Camp stories

I’ve been an initiate of Cernunnos for about 12 years now and He’s always been calling for a camp, so last year I actually got off my butt and organised one. He was pleased, He was very interested and just that act started a wonderfully interesting journey for me.

 If I’m honest I felt a little precious about the whole camp, I felt very protective, slightly possessive , and I worried about it , wanting it to be a great success for Cernunnos and , I guess, some sort of proof that I am worthy! What a fool!

I needn’t have worried about it at all, after all, He said that it would be good and the right people would attend and it actually surpassed all my hopes and wishes.

I had planned all sorts of rituals and aspects of Cernunnos that we could work with and all of that was blown out of the water by the simple act of being with Cernunnos on an individual  basis and trusting each other enough to be open about what He’d been communicating to us all.

 So it was great that each morning was spent walking in the woods alone – just communicating with Cernunnos or whomever we also worked with, then lunch together , an afternoon working on something usually that had come up for someone , then a ritual most nights either in the woods round a fire or in the roundhouse.

This was wildness in action, incredibly,  all of the  different people from varied spiritual backgrounds came together to work magic with Cernunnos at the centre , working with the local land and wood spirits, working with the other beings  that had come for the camp –all in concert. Time seemed, to me, to expand so much, there was so much time for communing alone, working together and talking and sharing stories.

Even though I communicate with Cernunnos daily in my normal life, there was something so awesome about being in a camp for 4 days that was devoted to Cernunnos, I felt his presence so much more acutely, so much more vibrantly that I found myself often giggling with the sheer pleasure of it all!
The site too was truely amazing- everything we needed and more- the roundhouse being a special pleasure to work in and the huge woodland only 40 feet from the housing area. I am certainly very excited about the beltain camp and this time I’m sleeping in the woods!

Love and antlers
Woody Fox

I was, shall we say, resistant to being a devotee of Cernunnos! Luckily for me Big C wanst having any of it! His way was to hunt me.. and in the hunt i saw what it is to be hunted and hunt.
"I have been told to hunt by Himself, after a really gory manifestation i was told to get beyond this 'obvious blood lust' and l was taken to a stream... here the blood of the land hunts its path and over time it is deepened, hunting can take many forms, and that it is in part about Declaring Cernunnos and being a hunter of fellow followers! and a deepening of what we know as truths."

So, with others and by the direction from Himself here I am at Cernunnos Camp.

We spend the mornings consulting with the Horned One and then come together and discuss what we would do with what we had or hadn't been told.

"There is a fair bit to give up in my experience of Cernunnos, not least my expectations of who I think he is or what he 'appears' to be. As my journey with him continues new threads emerge, new tellings and truths. So much is in the wildness and for that there is so much freedom but also chaos. I now expect the unexpected. I also find much of my work with himself involves the folk and at the moment a horned tribe (an ancient traveling tribe of faery)  as well as the locals. That said my moments and being with Him are solitary. Or as much as can be as so much is about being mindful and watchful. "

We share and have really amazing discussions in a safe space! and what is truly amazing is that despite all our different paths and ways of working we have so many mutual understandings and perceptions. BEING HERE FOR CERNUNNOS IS ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS! that said; what is fantastic was that through this shared intent, in ritual, we work in respect for our diverse ways to build new energy, devotion and strength!
"i remember when i met two green horn Herne in the woods (they were an escort) they approached me after my time with Cernunnos to ask me if i would be Herne, to do this i had to pass the tree gate in acceptance. I did, my love of Cernunnos means it takes little to give more of myself. But this is a big step for me and now i'm dedicated beyond the span i have in this 'life', But it is a great time of celebration and i look forward to do that more at Cernunnos camp"
We do ritual in the afternoon or evening, depending... be it outdoors; around a fire, in the far meadow, in the river, in the forest running free or in the roundhouse. We, as humans, stand along side the Folk and other Beings who had also come to celebrate and honor Him. It's impossible to say in words what all this means, all far beyond words really. It is a privilege.

I find myself; a wildness, depth and authenticity that roars His name!

I often have the honor to camp near the roundhouse, to go to bed with the moonlight falling through the leaves of the forest and be close to the smokey depth of the roundhouse is like falling through knowledge. With Ancestor, with the Wild Beings and of course and always with HIM!

Personally I cant wait till out next journey together and for more to come join us.

Love and antlers,