Cernunnos Camp: Practical stuff

Practical stuff

Practical stuff

The choice is either tent or indoor shared sleeping space. The indoor space has 20 mattresses and a wood burner. You will need to provide all your own bedding including pillows. There are stairs leading to the upstairs bedding area which is one large shared room, so we’re all together! there maybe other communal canvas spaces such as the sky lodge, these spaces will have a wood burner but will be an un-budget additional cost.

The camping spaces include a small "garden area" near the indoor space. A field and wild woodland camping is avaliable under negotiation (this means lots of sticks and uneven ground)!. There is a fire pit near the roundhouse that can be used but stoves would be the order of the day.

There is a well equipped indoor kitchen area and so we will be cooking our meals there and this will also be the site for breakfasts and lunches. Please remember that there is no paid staff so we will be all pulling together to create meals. If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please tell us beforehand so we can try to accommodate them.
All shared big meals will be vegan so as to be as inclusive as possible, but dairy will also be provided for breakfasts and lunches. 
If there is anything you particularly need or want to eat then please bring it with you.
If you need or want alcohol or any other special thing then please bring it with you.

Washing and toilets.
There are toilets and a shower on site. There is also a sauna!

Recycling etc…
We will be responsible for all our own recycling at the end of the weekend.

Workshops, rituals, etc…
Are facilitated by any of us and are unpaid. We’ll come together and discuss the types of thing we would all like to do and communicate with Cernunnos often to see what is being asked of us. So do plan ahead and think of what you would like to share/ teach/ inspire.
A few rituals/ workshops will be planned for the beginning. Bring all your ceremonial gear with you and all magical apparatus needed.

Drumming is a great aid to ritual, so please bring drums!

The site
The site is in Shropshire and has a lot of beautiful woodland, a meadow, a river and a roundhouse. 
There are many small areas in the woods that we can work in as well as a pond. The round house is in the wood with a fire pit nearby and we are welcome to hold rituals in there as long as no alcohol is taken inside apart from ceremonial mead. There is a large meadow area through the woods which is ideal for any ritual involving running around.