Cernunnos Camp: Cernunnos Camp 2015

Cernunnos Camp 2015

Cernunnos Camp 

14-18th October 2015

What to expect...

We have woven in a mixture of daily ritual, workshop, practice, discussion and personal time in these five days. This allows for different experiences and needs to be met. Over the five days we will build on each day to culminate in a final celebration of Cernunnos. But this being Cernunnos we expect the unexpected; the free flow of the wild with laughter, dance and roars in the wildwood.

Day 1:  arrival. Introduction. Sharing. Goals/intention 
“let go and be in the woods”, sharing journeys in group,  welcome evening fire to celebrate how we experience Cernunnos. 

Day 2: connect. Enhanced experience.  “meet Cernunnos”ritual 
Looking at how we connect with Cernunnos and why we are here at this camp. Working with our our allies and our mentors. Meeting the many Aspects or Cernunnos. 

Day 3: Creating/deepening your bond with Cernunnos through finding/shedding/growing antlers
How antlers can be part of your Cernunnos path, magical tool, gift and power. Mask making and body painting "IF NEEDED"!  

Day 4: harvesting, next steps and return and gifting 
Working with an Aspect of Cernunnos, returning to the world powerfully. Exploring the Warrior Adventurer and farewell, thanks and joyful celebration of Cernunnos. 

Day 5: Departure.
Farewells to all and returning homeward.

The camp will be held on a beautiful site in Shropshire, with woodland, river, open field and a roundhouse. Access is unfortunately limited , also there are no childcare facilities this year. Accommodation is either camping or shared indoor space, we have a kitchen, camp fires and even a sauna. We will be cooking together (unless we have a large number and then it will be catered!) and so all communal meals will be vegan, though you are welcome to bring any other food that you may need.

Approx Cost : £17-£28 per night/day for the camp (this includes ALL meals)
(Costs shouldn’t prevent anyone coming; we ask those who can afford more to please do so, so we can collectively support those who cant and if you want to come but can’t afford the cost please do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.)
Booking is really essential as there is a limit of 40 people for the site .

Please send for a booking form or any inquiries to
or visit the website site for more information at

Come and feel the antlered mysteries and abandon yourselves in a celebration of wild unfettered worship of Him with hand, tooth, claw, hoof and feet. Bring your bodies, your drums and rattles, antlers, masks and other ceremonial tools.

please book now! deadline is 13th September 2015

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